Info chat

Welcome! Via this tool, you can book an info chat with either our voluntary projects or professional internships team. During this chat, we will tell you everything about our organization, process, and projects. In turn, you can explain where you would like to go and what you would like to do! Preferably the info chat takes place at the Student Service Centre or at our office (Sint Servaasklooster 32), but otherwise a Skype Call is also possible!

Voluntary Projects

Are you ready to develop yourself, explore the world while also making a valuable impact where it is needed? Volunteer abroad and contribute to one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals! Sounds interesting? Plan an info chat with one of our student coaches and drop by our office!

Professional Internships

Gain global experience and develop new skills. Our internships help ambitious, bright young people put themselves into challenging roles with a wide range of companies and start-ups around the world. Is this what you are looking for? Plan an info chat with one of our student coaches!